Analysis and Theory

A Convivial Social Media? 

May 22, 2023

Virtual Event (RSVP below)

May 22, 11:00 AM–May 22, 1:00 PM

Organized by RSM Visiting Scholar Joanne Armitage, this event will examine the future of social media through the lens of conviviality. The discussion between participating scholars, researchers, and artists will be followed by a workshop where audience members can explore the possibilities of convivial social media. RSVP is encouraged.

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“After many doubts, and against the advice of friends whom I respect, I have chosen “convivial” as a technical term to designate a modern society of responsibly limited tools.”

-Ivan Illich, Tools for Conviviality

There has been a recent turn to Illich’s notion of conviviality, led by scholars in Mexico and Latin America, as a way to rethink our technologies and tools. At this point in social media’s development, we take a pause to think what a convivial technology might look like. 

  • What key considerations do we need to think about for a convivial social media?
  • How would it differently frame issues of agency, justice and survival? 
  • What would our futures look like through a convivial social media?

This session, organized by RSM Visiting Scholar Joanne Armitage, will begin with a panel introducing the speakers and their work, then move into an overview and discussion of conviviality. From this the session will move into a workshop, where we will work in groups to imagine, think through, and critique possible convivial social medias. 


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