Swati Srivastava

Swati Srivastava is Associate Professor of Political Science at Purdue University. She received her doctorate in political science from Northwestern University, where she held affiliations with the Buffett Institute for Global Studies and the Center for Legal Studies. She is the author of Hybrid Sovereignty in World Politics (Cambridge University Press 2022) and numerous articles in top political science journals, including International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, International Studies Review, Perspectives on Politics, and the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Relations.

Her research has received awards from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Andrew Mellon Foundation, American Council of Learned Societies, and International Studies Association. Srivastava’s specific research interests concern private power in global governance, especially public-private relations between governments, corporations, and NGOs. She has also contributed to research on international responsibility, including corporate responsibility and structural justice, social construction, and historical methods.

Her latest research evaluates the political power and responsibility of Big Tech companies and tracks regulation in an international comparative context. Srivastava uses original archival and interview data along with content analysis and comparative historical analysis. At Purdue, Srivastava has been recognized with the highest university and college-wide research and teaching awards. She teaches undergraduate courses in political science on international relations and graduate courses on international relations and global non-state actors. She is a faculty affiliate with the Cornerstone integrated liberal arts program that focuses on transformative texts and oral communication. Finally, she is the founder and director of an undergraduate research lab that examines the politics of Big Tech algorithmic governance.

Twitter: @swatisrivast