Noah Giansiracusa

Noah Giansiracusa (PhD in math from Brown University) is an associate professor of mathematics at Bentley University, a business school near Boston. After publishing the book How Algorithms Create and Prevent Fake News in July 2021 (about which Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer said, “It’s a joy to read a book by a mathematician who knows how to write… There is no better guide to the strategies and stakes of this battle for the future”), Noah has gotten more involved in public writing and public speaking and policy discussions concerning data-driven algorithms and their role in society. He’s appeared on CNN live and BBC radio, and written for a range of outlets including Washington Post, Scientific American, TIME, Barron’s, Boston Globe, Wired, Slate, and Ms. Magazine.

Noah is currently working on a second book, called Robin Hood Math (Riverhead Books), that helps readers of all backgrounds use math to navigate life and take back some of the power that techies and quants have in today’s economy. At RSM, he hopes to shed light on the murky ad tech ecosystem that funds so much of the internet–including fake news sites–by taking a close look at the hidden algorithmic auctions companies like Google run to place ads across millions of sites in a matter of milliseconds.