Jennifer Kaberi

RSM Assembly Fellow

Jennifer is a child development specialist and an international development work professional with a passion for children. Her vision is to transform Africa’s story through empowering children to speak for themselves, data driven solutions, and technology that is Afrocentric. She believes this will result in a positive outcome in Africa that touches not only socioeconomic development but also humanity. Jennifer has spent over 10 years working in the child development sector on an array of community, district, national and international projects. In 2017, Jennifer founded Mtoto News, an online platform to improve the lives of children through technology. Mtoto News uses the power of media and data to provide a platform for children to participate in developing solutions to the challenges that face them. Jennifer holds a B.A. from the University of Nairobi and an M.A. in Child Development from Daystar University.


Twitter: @dalithso


Assembly Fellowship Project:

More and more children globally have access to the Internet, but not all access is equal. Jennifer Kaberi aims to address issues of connectivity and digital literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa with a proposed platform called Izwi. Meaning “voice” in Shona, Izwi is a platform where children across the continent can communicate and express themselves in a safe online space, giving them the tools to better understand the increasingly digital world. During her time with RSM, Jenny worked closely with experts in the field to develop a framework for this new product, putting forth an initial business plan for launch.